Friday, 15 February 2019

A very easy Chicken Sausage Recipe

Hello everyone,

Today I wish to share another quick and easy rice recipe with you all. This dish was introduced to me by my school friend Thrity in our lunch break. Exchanging recipes was our favourite conversation over a hot meal in the dining hall. It seemed easy to try. Today I tried to make it again and it really turned out.

Chicken Sausage Rice

I used Zorabian sausages in my recipe. Zorabian is a 36 year old company dealing with good quality chicken. Now 8  years  into the retail business their quality and range of products is very impressive. With a new ready to cook and pre marinated range of products to make things easy in the kitchen.

So grab your skillet and let’s get cooking!

Zorabian Chicken Sausages


1 packet of Zorabian Chicken sausages
1 large onion
2 tomatoes
Fresh Green garlic
1 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 cup long grain rice
1 tsp white vinegar
1 capsicum/ bell pepper
1/2 tsp pepper
2 tsp oil
Corriander leaves for garnish
Salt to taste


1. Parboil the rice with a little salt,  strain and keep aside.

2. Chop up the sausages into small round discs.

3.  Now in a non stick pan add very little oil and cook the sausage pieces over medium-high heat till they are well browned. Keep stirring the sausages as they get done.  Keep aside to use again in recipe.

4. In the same non stick pan, add chopped onions and garlic. Saute till golden brown.

5. Add the chopped tomatoes to this mixture and cook till tomatoes are soft and mushy.

6. Now add in the tomato ketchup, capsicum, and white vinegar.

7.Add the sausages  back to the pan.

8. Now stir in the rice gently. Add a cup of water and salt to taste.

9. Let the sausage rice cook on simmer. Cover the pan and cook till dry.

10. Garnish with corriander and serve it hot.

Chicken Sausage Rice

Note :
You can use Zorabian spicy sausages or Zorabian Salami too for this recipe.


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