Friday 25 January 2019

Wafer par Eedu - Eggs on Potato Chips

Today's recipe is a special Parsi Recipe. We, Parsis love our eggs in any form. Omelettes, scrambled, sunny side up but best of all we love our eggs on something. Eg- Bhaji par eedu, bhindi par eedu but best of all, if no vegetable is available. We grab a packet of Wafer/Salli and throw some eggs on it, then we happily savour our Wafer par eedu (egg on potato wafers/ sticks) 

Wafer par eedu

Parsi Wafer par Eedu is simple to make and so delicious!  The best part of this recipe is that there are no specific ingredients, you can add or minus according to what is available in your kitchen. But the technique is more important to get that perfect flat wafer par eedu that can be enjoyed as a starter, snack or during meal time.



1 teaspoons oil

Half cup water
250 gms potato chips
1 small green chilli
Salt to taste
1 tsp pepper powder

4 egg
2 tsp chopped coriander leaves

1/2 tsp paprika
1 tbsp tomato ketchup ( optional)


1.Take a medium sized frying pan. Switch on the gas, once the pan is hot, lower the flame. Add the oil and water. 

2. Add the wafers/potato chips to dish. 

3. Add the chopped chilly, salt, half tsp pepper and tomato ketchup. Don't add too much salt as wafers already have salt content. 

4. Gently mix this with the soft wafers and gently push down so that there aren't any huge gaps in the wafers and you get something of an even base.

5. Add some chopped coriander leaves to the top of the wafer mix. 

6. Before cracking the eggs on top, see to it that the wafer mixture is not completely dry as we don't want it to burn at the bottom.  Add water if need be. 

7. Now break four eggs on top of the wafers. Sprinkle salt, pepper, paprika and coriander leaves. 

8. Cover with a lid and continue cooking on low-moderate heat for 3-4 minutes.

9. Continue cooking until the egg white is no longer transparent in colour and has turned white. Switch off the gas when eggs are semi done as they cook in heat when the flame is turned off. 

10. Serve the dish immediately. A cold wafer par eedu will not taste as yummy. 

You can beat the eggs too, instead of putting the whole eggs on the wafer mixture. 

Now enjoy your Wafer par eedu hot and with a dash of ketchup.  Coz I believe that Khavanu, Peevanu, Majje ni life!!

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  1. Hey Anahita , I have read many times about this Parsi Style cooking ... Par Eedu. But this Wafer recipe packs the punch. Thanks to your crisp description ,I am sure , the readers will try this today itself.

  2. that sounds good and enjoyable. that is something i would eat anytime

  3. Waao it just looks like a pizza . Wanna tey it out


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