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Easy Breakfast Overnight Oats Bowl Recipe

 Easy Breakfast Overnight Oats Bowl Recipe


 This easy Overnight Oats Recipe is made with gluten-free pressed oats, almond milk, fruit, seeds and nuts. Packed with healthy proteins and soluble fibers, this makes a healthy breakfast option for the entire family. It is easy on the stomach and easy to digest for the elderly, yet nutritious and delicious to savour for the younger generation. 


Easy Breakfast Overnight oatmeal bowl



To make overnight oats
 take one cup of oats and soak it in one cup warm milk/ almond milk. Cover with an airtight lid and keep for minimum four hours. Add the jaggery powder and honey and stir well.  The next day it is ready to use in your Oats bowl. If you wish you can heat it in microwave oven 30-40 seconds.  You can even add yogurt to overnight oats recipe. Check out the easy recipe of Oats Overnight Bowl and top it with fresh fruits and toppings of your choice.




I cup Rolled Oats
220 ml Almond Milk / regular milk
2 tsp jaggery
1 tsp honey


Granola Mix
Seeds/ Nuts
Cinnamon powder

Easy Breakfast Overnight Oats Bowl Recipe


1. You can make oats with the Overnight Oat recipe. Or even cook oats the regular way on low flame by stirring oats, milk, and honey jaggery on a pan on slow flame. Constantly stir and cook the oats till it gets into a thick porridge consistency.

2. Now let till cool down for ten minutes, then pour in a bowl and all the topping of your choice. 

Favorite Topping options

Peanut Butter
Blueberries/ Strawberries
Dark Chocolate
Flax seeds
Coconut flakes
Maple syrup

So top your oats bowl with your favorite from the list and enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast, guilt-free.

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