Sunday 16 January 2022

Winter Special Sesame and Peanut laddoo

Winter Special Sesame and Peanut laddoo

 The yummy little balls of crushed peanuts and Jaggery, infused with the richness of Ghee and the heavenly taste of spiced ginger. 

Just pop one in your mouth when you’re feeling the need for some warmth and sugar, and smile as you go about savoring this delicious Winter Low Cal Laddoo. 

Winter Special Sesame and Peanut laddoo  The yummy little balls of crushed


•1 cup  crushed Peanut

•1 cup Sesame Seeds

•1 cup Jaggery 

•1 tbsp Ghee

•1 tsp Ginger Powder 


1. First roast the crushed peanuts  in a pan for few minutes.  Make sure that it's on low heat, then set aside and let it cool.

2. In the same pan add the sesame seeds and roast until they start to pop. 

3. After it cools Down, powder the sesame seeds coarsely and transfer to the mixing bowl.

4. Coarsely crush the peanuts too and add this to the sesame seed mixture.  

5. Now add ginger powder,  jaggery and ghee. 

6. Mix well and now shape into laddoos. 

7. The laddoos can be stored in an air tight jar upto 15 days.  


You can also add black sesame seeds to this laddoo of you wish. 

I have used less ghee in this recipe. If needed add according to your requirements it gets easier to bind together. 

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