Friday 23 July 2021

Easy Pear salad with Feta Cheese and walnuts

 Easy Pear salad with Feta Cheese and walnuts 

So the saying goes : When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade.
I improvised on that saying ..... 

So when life gives you pears, you should make a delicious Pear Salad. 

When I recently visited the Bandra Bazar I noticed an abundance of pears being sold at every street vendor's stall. I got really excited to pick up a bagful of fresh soft juicy pears at a really good price. On  returning home, I wished to make the best recipe with them hence I tried this Pear and Feta Cheese Salad. The secret ingredient that makes it extremely palatable and delicious is Mustard. 

It was light refreshing and extremely delicious. The fresh pears, salad leaves when combined with soft Feta cheese made a  great combination to relish.  

Note the ingredients for the easy Pear  Salad with Feta Cheese and walnuts..


For the Salad 

1 Bunch lettuce or rocket salad leaves 
2 Sweet & crunchy pears
1 cup crumbled Feta Cheese
 Handful mixed nuts ( walnuts, almonds, Cashew Nuts) 
Pomegranate seeds/Corrinader for garnish (optional) 

For the Dressing

2 tsp honey 
1 tbsp mustard 
1tsp Balsamic vinegar 
1 tsp  Extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste 
Juice of half lemon


1. Roughly chop the lettuce leaves. Also chop the pears into small cubes.

2. Now make the marinade dressing with ingredients and keep aside.

3. Take a large bowl, add the Pear, nuts, lettuce leaves and mix it together lightly.  

4. Add salt, pepper and a dash of lime juice to this. 

5. Keep it in the refrigerator. Just before serving mix in the marinade.

6. Now add the crumbled Feta cheese and toss it lightly. 

7. Garnish With Pomegranate seeds and Corrinader leaves. Serve the salad chilled and fresh.

Trust me it's a refreshing change to your regular salad. You can add cubes of cottage cheese if feta cheese is not available. 
Hope you liked my easy Recipe. If you have any other interesting salad recipe do share it in the comments below. 

Friday 2 July 2021

Sukhdi or Goud Papdi - Traditional Gujarati Winter Sweet

 Sukhdi or Goud Papdi is a traditional Gujarati sweet which is made up of Wheat flour which is coursely crushed, jaggery & Ghee. 

"Sukhdi" happens to be a winter delicacy, no doubt but can be enjoyed in moderation all throughout the year.  We don't need any occasion or season to grab this desi gujarati sweet.

Like yesterday,  when we visited Ms Meena Parikh's home, she had especially prepared a fresh batch of these tasty treats.

And when I asked her for the recipe she instantly explained the entire recipe in detail. The basic three ingredients remains the same, Wheat flour, Ghee and jaggery. But you can add edible gum, coconut, sesame seeds, almonds, cashews, pistachios etc. 

Sukhdi or Goud Papdi - Traditional Gujarati Winter Sweet


2 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup jaggery

1 cup ghee (clarified butter)

1 tsp Cardamom powder (optional) 

Handful of nuts


1. Heat 1 cup of Ghee in a kadhai

2. Now add 2 cups of wheat flour. Add in small portions.

3. Keeping the flame on slow, see that all the flour gets mixed well ensuring no lumps are formed.

4. Now patiently roast it until it changes colour, and the ghee starts getting separated. 

5. You will also get a delicious aroma at the time of Ghee separating. 

6. Here you can add the jaggery,  keep flame on low. 

7. Stir it until it starts melting and becomes smooth. When you notice bubbles forming keep stirring  and combine it properly.

8. After it is completely cooked take it out on a greased  plate and let it cool on room temperature. Remember take a flat surface plate and let the sukhdi set in it. 

9. Cut out the sukhdi into square/diamond shape. Top it with crushed nuts and press on the top. Keep it aside for an hour, allow it to dry completely.

10. Now you can separate the pieces and store in an airtight container. 


Sukhdi or Goud Papdi - Traditional Gujarati Winter Sweet



You can add crushed Elaichi powder when it is cooking with jaggery. 

Now enjoy Sukhdi in winters or just any time of the year.

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