Wednesday 8 September 2021

Sugar Free Modaks for Ganesha with honey and tutti frutti


Sugar Free Modaks for Ganesha with Honey and tutti frutti 

This year let's enjoy Bappa this season  and gorge on modaks without any guilt.
So yes I put on my chef's cap and got my hands all messy and sticky with the purest of honey.
The honey is organic, raw and the best substitute for sugar in my recipe.  The recipe is simple to follow and the modaks  turned out delicious.

So note the ingredients for the recipe and get it done before Bappa arrives


For Modak

1 litre Milk
3 tablespoons Milk powder
2 tbsp Pure Honey
1 tsp Ghee
2 tbsp Tutti Frutti bits
1/2 juice of lime

For filling

1 cup assorted nuts ( almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews)
2 tbsp Honey

Sugar Free Modaks for Ganesha with Honey and tutti frutti


1. For the filling, mix the nuts and Honey together and keep aside. You can give it a spin in the mixer.

2. Now add the Milk to a pan and boil. Squeeze the juice of half a lime.

3. Boil till the milk curdles and water separates from mawa.

4. Strain the whey and collect the mawa in a muslin cloth.
Remove all the water and transfer it to a dish.

5. Now add the Milk powder,  honey, tutti frutti and ghee and mix well to make a soft dough.

6. Now put this dough in the refrigerator for an hour, so that it gets firm.

7. To make Modaks, you will need a modak mould. Oil your hands, before you start making the modaks.

8. Now take the mawa filling and add to the greased modak mould, keeping the centre empty.

9. Add the filling in the middle of the mould.

10. Seal the modak mould, with mawa mixture and then press firmly before unmoulding.

11. Unmould the modak and make the rest of the modaks the same way.

12. You will make approximately 12 to 13 modaks  with this recipe. 




Sugar Free Modaks for Ganesha with Honey and tutti frutti


Now enjoy these modaks with Bappa. I hope liked my sugar free modak recipe.  Give this recipe a try to please Lord Ganesha. Do not forget to give your valuable feed back in the comments section.

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