Saturday 15 September 2018

Perfect French Toast Recipe

Hello friends,

How to make a simple French Toast?

Today lets prepare a very easy peasy recipe with just five ingredients and 15 minutes to get this gastronomical yumminess of a fried egg/bread/milk combo on your plate. Yes, the French Toast is an old dish that is being prepared in many Indian households for breakfast. Its usual for Sunday Breakfast in the Irani household too.

French toast

Moti Irani

My  sweet momma  Moti Irani  used to make French toast once in a way after much pestering from my sister Farzeen and me. No one could stop at one toast. That deep fried bread sugared and browned in ghee was something irresistible.

Lets prepare the french toast now. Its a special request recipe from a dear friend Krishna Maharana who follows all my recipes. Thanks dear, this one is for you.


 2 eggs
1 cup milk
 6 tbsp sugar
1/2 rsp vanilla essence
6-8  sandwich bread
Half cup oil/ghee for frying
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder (optional)

Servicing suggestions 

Honey/Maple syrup/whipped cream/chopped bananas.


1. Break two eggs and whisk

2. Powder the sugar, or you can warm the milk and dissolve sugar in milk.

3. Now add the sugar  milk, vanilla extract and whisk well well with a fork.

4. Dip bread into bowl with egg mixture. Make sure both sides are wet.

 5. Preheat a the oil/ ghee in pan over  medium heat. I use half oil/ghee. Let it be hot before you place the slices of bread.

6. Place the slice of bread in pan.  Continue placing all dipped slices rill pan surface is full.

7. Turn slices over when bread slightly brown. Reduce flame and try not to burn the bread. ( This could be tricky for first timers)

8. Remove cooked slices to a paper napkin to soak up extra oil.

9. Sprinkle with honey and serve warm on the breakfast table.

Try it once and you will get requests to make it very regularly, trust me.
Stale bread makes even tastier French toast.

Bon Appitet. 

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