Sunday 30 December 2018

Easy Strawberry ice cream without an ice cream maker

Hello Friends and foodies,

This happens to be my last recipe of 2018. This year, through my blog posts I only to brought you easy recipes that could be easily stirred up at home in minimum time and with ingredients found in the kitchen or are in season.
So lets make it extra special with strawberries. Strawberries are in season and the reason for my last recipe of 2018.
Basically I am not such a big fan of strawberries. They sometimes turn out so sour to kill the joy of biting into one. But give me a milkshake or Ice cream and I will truly relish it.
With an extra box of sour strawberries, this time I churned up a tray of ice cream without an ice cream maker. So note the ingredients and make a dreamy creamy ice cream in the New Year before the strawberry season is over. 

Strawberry icecream

This strawberry ice cream is so easy to make, you won’t believe it. There are basic 4 simple ingredients, plus a pinch of lime to balance the flavors. You will need fresh cream or a can sweetened condensed milk for this recipe. This strawberry icecream recipe doesn't need an ice cream maker. 

Strawberry icecream


litre milk
1 cup sugar
1 box or 500 gms fresh Strawberries
200 gms Fresh Cream  ( Amul  or any other brand)
Few drops of  Vanilla/ Rose Essense
A dash of lime juice


1. Keep the milk for boiling. Let it cook on low flame till it reduces to 2/3 quantity.
2. Add sugar and keep stirring till sugar is dissolved and milk is thickened. Approximately for 20 minutes.

3.  Now puree 2/3 of the strawberries until it gets into a smooth paste in a mixer.
4. The rest of the berries can just be roughly chopped. Because they were sour, I added two tablespoons of sugar to this. Add essence and a dash of lime. Press with a fork, mix well and let it sit for 10 minutes.
5. While the milk is cooling, take a large mixing bowl and with the help of an electric mixer,  whip the fresh cream until it gets light and fluffy. For approximately 6-8 minutes.

6. Fold in the fresh cream, strawberry puree to the milk. Mix it well.
7. Now add the chopped strawberry mixture to this.
8. Transfer this to a freezer container and freeze for one hour.
9. Remove from freezer and beat up the mixture again with a ladle. This prevents crystals from forming and makes ice cream smooth and pulpy.
10. You can repeat the process if desired.

Homemade Strawberry icecream

Before serving, let the ice cream thaw for ten minutes. Serve up this creamy strawberry icecream with chopped strawberries or crushed chocolate cookies, it tastes simply yummy. 

If you need to keep Strawberries fresh for a long time - read here

Wishing all my readers a very Happy New Year and greater cooking times ahead with Sweetannu in 2019.

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