Thursday 1 August 2019

Gobi ki kheer Recipe - Cauliflower Kheer

You may have made a Cauliflower ki sabzi or baked cauliflower with cheese but have you tried to make a Cauliflower ki Kheer / Gobi ki Kheer? Well, on my quest to discover new recipes and experiment in the kitchen, I tried to make a different sweet dish for on Sunday. And yes, it turned out better than what I had expected.

Gobi ki kheer

 The use of fruits and vegetables in desserts is very common in Indian cuisine. Carrots and Pumpkin get turned into Halwa.  But some others like Beetroot and cauliflower are also worth exploring.

Gobi ki kheer

This is a simple recipe but I assure you it's so delicious. There will be no confusion so read on and execute this lip-smacking treat in your kitchen. Let your family guess the ingredients. Trust me they will be asking for more- it is a total treat.

To make 4 servings
Time – 40 minutes, including prep time

 400-gram cauliflower (gobi)
¾  litre full cream milk
1 teaspoon Cardamon powder ( Elaichi)
1/2 Cup sugar or any sweetener substitute
100 gms grated paneer

 For Garnish:
A handful of chopped almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, and dried fruits. 

Gobi ki kheer

1. First, take the cauliflower head and wash it properly. Cut the cauliflower in big chunks and then grate it on a hand grater. Or just skin it in a vegetable chopper. Let it be coarse.
2. Keep the milk to boil and add the sugar to it. Stir and let is boil on medium flame.
3. In another vessel add the cauliflower and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. The smell will go away and the cauliflower will not curdle when added to milk.
4. Now strain the cauliflower and add to the boiling milk.
5. Simmer and let the two blend and cook for five minutes.
6. Add the grated paneer and elaichi powder. Simmer and further cook. Keep stirring to see that it doesn’t burn at the bottom.
7. Simmer the kheer on a low heat until the cauliflower ki kheer gets a creamy consistency. Turn off the heat.
8. Chop up the nuts and add it to the kheer when slightly cooler. Keep some aside for garnish.
9. Now serve the Gobi Ki Kheer chilled and watch everyone lick the dessert bowl clean.

Cauliflower kheer

Paneer is an option to make the dish rich. You can use khoya/mawa instead or avoid it totally.
Use Sugar free or honey if want a sugar free option but not jaggery.
Saffron also enhances the taste but I did not have, so did not use in this recipe.


  1. Wow ive heard of gobi sabzi amd all but kheer.. So cool that you came up with this.. Im surely gonna try your Gobi ki Kheer recipe :)

  2. Are you serious! Gobi ki Kheer, that's absolutely new for me and unheard of. Would love to try it for sure. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. Oh I never thought about this twist with Gobi...this is totally new to me I will sure give it a try !!

  4. I am first time reading about this recipe. I'll have to try this over this weekend now!

  5. Sometime ago while browsing channels I found similar gobi kheer recipe and immediately tried it. I went terribly wrong then. Guess, I needed this post that time. A handy easy description. Thanks Anahita

  6. wow this looks so interesting. I have never had gobi ki kheer or a dessert with gobi!

  7. I never ever imagine about Ghobi ki cheer. Very interesting. I will definitely try. Thanks for sharing.

  8. omg... i had never heard of gobi ki kheer! This is so interesting! And fairly easy recipe to follow for someone like me. I'm surely giving it a try!

  9. Gobi kheer is an innovative recipe and quite simple to make too. Am definitely trying this out over the weekend.

  10. Wow I have never heard of gobi ki kheer before! I must try it soon!

  11. Now that's an innovative and interesting recipe I would definitely like to try. Also, this is for the first time I read about gobhi ki kheer. Thanks for the recipe.

  12. OMG i never knew Cauliflower Kheer can also be a recipe. Thanks for sharing such innovative recipe.

  13. I had no clue that we can make kheer of cauliflower and I have a feeling it will taste yum. I will surely try it someday.

  14. Great idea! I left out the paneer and added a tiny bit of oat bran instead. Fabulous recipe!


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