Monday 19 August 2019

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

Proven to be the world’s most nutritious superfood with health benefits in abundance, Flaxseeds is simply amazing. Why is it that in India people have still not understood flaxseeds and have not yet started to inculcate it in their daily diet and meals.  Its mild nutty flavor and crunchy texture are so enjoyable. 

What Is Flaxseed?
Flaxseeds are also called linseeds, their appearance is small, brown, tan or golden-colored seeds. In fact, linseed or “flax seed” are two names for the same seed. Flaxseeds are an incredible source of dietary fiber and plant-based protein. According to scientists, flaxseeds contain zero cholesterol.  They have an abundance of alpha-linolenic corrosive, omega-3 unsaturated fats, and lignans. Minerals present in these seeds incorporate thiamine, manganese, and magnesium. They are additionally a source of nutrient C and B6, calcium, iron, potassium, and sodium.

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

 Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

1. Flaxseed stimulates brainpower.

"They're high in omega-3 unsaturated fats, a plant-based source, which is significant for vegetarians or people who don't eat fish,". "This kind of fat ensures the mind stays healthy with the food it requires to sharpen brain power

2. Helps constipation.

"They are a phenomenal source of dietary fiber, which means they'll keep your absorption ordinary, flushing poisons and abundance fats out of the body," They contain both solvent and insoluble fiber so they are really a powerhouse, as these sorts of fiber additionally keep your gut microbiome in solid equalization.

3. It helps you stay full.
It's has a decent source of protein and will enable you to remain full and fulfilled. Surveys have shown that constant munching on flaxseeds help you remain less hungry. Actually, one tablespoon of flaxseed contains two grams of protein. Furthermore, when joined with such fiber, it'll keep you super-satisfied.

4. It helps diminish cholesterol
About 20 to 40 percent of flaxseed's fiber is solvent, which structures a gel in the gut that ties to cholesterol in the gut and expels it from dissemination

5. Flaxseeds help in weight loss.

The low-calorie wonder superfood flaxseeds are perfect for weight reduction. Yet, flaxseed can support the procedure: "On account of their fiber content, they help to keep up glucose levels, avert hunger in this way supporting in weight reduction.

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

Recipes ideas

Smoothies: Add a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds to a smoothie, porridge, cornflakes for that morning jumpstart. 

Baking: Perfect for baking cookies, muffins, pancakes, and quick breads: If you love to bake, coarsely ground flaxseeds can be mixed here to boost texture and nutrition.

Salads: Sprinkle some flaxseed oil over roasted vegetables, or add the chopped seeds as a last minute topping. 

Snacks: Flaxseed oil can be sprinkled on popcorn or the ground meal can be mixed with herbs and spices and used to make your own crackers or baked chips.

Egg Substitute: Mix one tablespoon of ground flaxseed with three tablespoons of water. This can substitute an egg in any recipe. 

Granola and breakfast bars: If you make your own energy bars or granola, add ground flax meal to the recipe.


  1. Manisha - I love flaxseeds too, prefer having it roasted but you have shared some great options for me to try

  2. Wonderful explanation about the nutritional benefits of this superfood.

    Would definitely try it out.

  3. Flax seeds are part of my every day smoothie

  4. Flax seeds are really good & u have given good inputs.

    I will add this to my diet.

  5. I have been meaning to try Flaxseeds for ages now. Didn't know that it was the world’s most nutritious superfood with health benefits. Thanks for the blog.

  6. Flax seeds are very healthy option. I liked the recipe ideas in the post where we can use flax seeds effectively.

  7. Thank you so much for this information.. I wanted to start using flaxseeds in my food since a long I have more reasons

  8. Hv heard alot wbt flax seeds but nvr tried it. But thanx fir sharing so mny advantages and the way to use it . Very helpful post

  9. I used to take flaxseed daily in my teens... I have got lazy now... Will start taking it again!


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