Saturday 30 May 2020

Watermelon Rose Drink - Sherbet E Mohhabat.

Those were the days!! When Summer months meant shopping outdoors at Crawford market in the hot afternoons.  All drenched in sweat, hands filled with shopping bags, and looking out for a thirst quencher cum cooling drinker. Instant refreshment can be achieved from street vendors selling different kinds of milk juices, mango, apple, and yes, this one Sherbat E Mohhabat.


Sherbet E Mohhabat.

Watermelon is the main ingredient, along with rose flavoured milk. Together, it is blended to make a delicious and beautiful pinkish. Freshly small pieces of watermelon chunks are added to the milk, which gives it a refreshing bite and character. Some people even add falooda seeds for a really cooling effect on the tummy.  I made the drink with just three basic ingredients and ice cubes.


Half a watermelon
1 cup rose syrup ( Roohafza)
Half litre milk
1 cup of ice cubes
Falooda seeds optional


1. Boil the milk and then set aside to chill.
2. Deseed the watermelon and cut it into small pieces like tutti-frutti
3. While assembling the drink, mix the ice cubes in the milk to chill it further.
4. Now add the rose syrup and mix well.
5. In the end mix in the water melon pieces.
6. Pour it in a glass and further top it with more chopped watermelon.
7.  Serve it chilled.

A super easy and quick recipe that is popular as pyar Mohabbat sharbat in the streets of Delhi. It can be enjoyed during Ramadan and hot summers too. Here is my Youtube video of the making of the sherbet.

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