Friday 12 June 2020

3 Ingredient Prawn Shezwan Stir Fry.

Prawn Shezwan Stir Fry.-  3 ingredient recipe?

Prawn Shezwan Stir Fry.

How is it even possible? You ask me. And what if I told you to check the hashtag #3ingredientrecipe on TikTok. You will be surprised at the super scrumptious and delicious recipes you can cook up.

For starters, main course, and even desserts.  My daughter Zenia Irani took up the three-ingredient challenge to make the most delicious mouthwatering ore truffles.

Here is the three ingredients recipe I tried that was quite successful and delicious too.


1 cup deveined and shelled prawns
1/2 cup of Shezwan sauce
3-4 spring onions


1. Wash the prawns thoroughly and chop the onions and greens. Keep separate for use.

2. Take a pan and add the Shezwan sauce and chopped onions. Saute for two to three minutes on medium flame. The Shezwan sauce contains oil and salt so there is no need to add extra.

3. Now to in the prawns and stir it in the mixture. Cover the pan with a lid and cook till prawns are done.

4. You can now open the lid and add the spring onion greens and serve the dish piping hot.

5. It serves as a great appetizer or side dish with pot rice.

Here is a video to explain the entire recipe.


A friend of mine tried a similar recipe with a twist. She added garlic butter, and Thai sweet chili sauce. Amazing looking isn't it. And yes. It was a 3 ingredients recipe as well.

Bon Appetit!!

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