Thursday 22 November 2018

Easy chocolate walnut fudge

Hello Friends,

A tin of condensed milk got me to walk down memory lane once again. Never expected to do it this way. Sweet and sad memories attached as my dear Masi Thrity is no more. This was a special fudge she stirred up when we visited her place during holidays. The method is really easy but requires a strong hand to stir up this delicious bubbling chocolate broth.

Chocolate fudge

 I liked helping my Masi Thrity as I got to lick the tin of condensed milk and the chocolate ladle once fudge was complete. But the main idea was the stirring and not leaving the fudge for a minute to burn at the bottom. I may have added a few ingredients here but trust me, this is a really easy recipe you can make at home. I also used California Walnuts to enhance the nutrition value and taste.


1 tin of condensed milk
1 cup whole fat milk
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 cup chopped walnuts
2 tsp vanilla essence
A pinch of salt
1 tbsp butter

You can use cooking chocolate or Drinking Chocolate instead of cocoa powder. Not added sugar as condensed milk is sweet but if preferred sweeter, 2 tbsp of sugar can be added to this.

The method is very simple, involves plenty of stirring over the low flame. This fudge is not so creamy,  but a smooth kind. It has a dense, textured, chocolatey taste as you bite into it. Not so chewy or sticks to teeth, just melts in your mouth.


1. Take a heavy bottom kadai and mix all the ingredients, except walnuts.

2. Beat it well and see that all ingredients mix well.

3. Now add the kadai to the flame and let it boil.

4. Once it starts boiling cook  on slow fire till mixture thickens.

5. This will take upto 20 -25 minutes. Dont be in a hurry to get it off the gas. Good fudge is s labour of love.

6. When it starts moving like a  mass together  (soft ball stage). Stir in the California walnuts.

7. To check if fudge is done, add a tiny droplet to a bowl of water. If it remains stable without spreading or dissolving in the water, that means fudge is done.

8. Now pour this mixture onto a greased plate/tray and smoothen the surface.

9. Cool this and later chill the tray. Cut into squares and enjoy.

Masi on her last visit to Pune

Hope I did justice to the recipe my Masi taught me. God bless her and may her beautiful Soul Rest in Peace. 

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