Wednesday 27 February 2019

Simple and Delicious Homemade Celery Soup

Hello friends,

Today I wish to share a simple celery soup recipe. But how did it begin? With my weekly visit to my local market.  I bought a nice big bunch of fresh green celery. The vendor insisted it was fresh and at a good price at INR 20.

Celery Soup

 Here are a few tips to check celery before you buy.

1. The stalks should be sturdy . Look for celery that has sturdy, upright stalks. They should snap easily when you pull them, not bend.

2. The leaves should be crisp. Leaves should not only look fresh, they should range in color from pale to bright green. Avoid celery with yellow or brown patches.

3. You need to chop celery just before cooking or serving to maintain nutrients. Do not over cook celery, this will retain flavor and nutrients.

4. Eat in five to seven days. Eat fresh celery within five to seven days to enjoy its maximum nutritional benefits.

5. Eat the leaves. Don’t discard the leaves — that’s where celery has the most calcium, potassium, and vitamin C.

So I bought it and returned home quickly to stir up a delicious  celery soup. It turned out thick, creamy and so yummy.

10 Health Benefits of eating Celery

Check out the ingredients and start stirring.


1 bunch of celery
1 tsp of butter
1 chopped onion
2 pods of garlic
1 cube of veg/chicken soup masala
1 large chopped potato
1 tsp pepper
Salt to taste
A pinch of sugar
1 cup of water


1. Take s little butter in the saucepan, add chopped onions and saute for just one minute.

2. Add the garlic, chopped celery, chopped potato and saute for another two minutes till celery gets tender.

3. Add the masala stock cube, one cup of water and salt.

4. Let the broth simmer for 10 minutes. Cover the saucepan with a lid and cook. Or you can add this to a pressure cooker and cook for one whistle.

5. Purée the paste in a blender.

6. Add the soup back on slow flame, add crushed pepper and pinch of sugar.

Celery Soup

7. Serve the celery soup topped with celery leaves and soup sticks or garlic buttered toast.

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