Tuesday 3 March 2020

Fruity Icecream Dessert with Brooklyn Creamery Icecream

Cheat day never tasted so delicious as it actually wasn't any cheating at all. It was indulging Guilt free with #brooklyncreamery.

Fruity Icecream Dessert with Brooklyn Creamery Icecream

 You can order the icecream desserts from  swiggy, zomato, bigbasket, and nobleplus stores.
Proud of my friend Shilpa Seth Bhambri who is the #culinaryconsultant with the brand, developing such fabulous icecreams rich in taste and dietary fibre.

These ice-cream have 60 percent less calories than any regular  premiere brand ice-cream. No added sugar and12 delicious flavors to choose from. My family went gaga over the flavors we got to try.
➡️Tutti Frutti
➡️Chocolate Fudge Brownie
➡️Holy Moly Mango

I whipped up this exciting dessert with Tutti Frutti. Added more fun with fresh fruits. It looked and tasted so yummy. Note the simple recipe.


1 tub of Brooklyn Creamery Icecream
1 cup chopped pineapple
1 cup chopped apple
1 cup chopped strawberries
1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
A few walnuts
1 tbsp Honey

Fruity Icecream Dessert with Brooklyn Creamery Icecream


1. Chop the fruits in small pieces. Gently mix all the fruits in a bowl.

2. Add the honey to the fruits and mix again. 

3. Melt the icecream and fold half of  it in with the fresh fruits.

4. Take your best dessert glasses and fill it 3/4 with the fruit ice cream mixture.

5. Now top it with more icecream.

6. Garnish with walnut and pomegranate.

7. Freeze it or chill it, as you please before serving.

Fruity Icecream Dessert with Brooklyn Creamery Icecream


You can add different fruits of your choice to this Fruity Icecream dessert.
For variation take two flavors of icecream. And you can top it with chocolate or kulfi.


  1. Wow..looks to be a cool recipe. Will be trying this weekend.. thnks for sharing..

  2. This fruity dessert has me salivating! Can’t wait to try it at home now that the weather is getting warmer.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  3. I love fruity desserts. Even when i have icecream, I always put apples, bananas and grapes and sprinkle with crushed nuts. Thats the way i always have ice cream.

  4. Ice cream is my favorite definitely will check out the recipe for this weekend... Tysm for sharing

  5. I love Icecreams but unfortunately, I can't eat more. These ice creams are less in calories, it's awesome. Recipe of the dessert is mouth-watering.

  6. I really wanted something like this for a cheat day buddy, thanks for recommending

  7. I'm in love with this recipe! Looks so yummy and it's so simple to make too. I'm going to get these icecreams soon.

  8. Loved this recipe, it's simple and sounds way to yumm to try!

  9. I have never tried adding fruits to the ice cream, will be trying this delicious looking desert for my son. Thanks for the recipe!

  10. Summers are soon to approach, will gulp these one for sure.

  11. wow this looks so yummy. I will definitely try this one out. Looks easy too.

  12. We love making and having this over weekends when family is together to enjoy desserts.

  13. Wow that is awesome, we all love ice cream and this would be a good hit for my family


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