Wednesday 22 August 2018

Parsi Sev / Sweet Vermicelli Recipe

Dear Friends,
Wishing all my Parsi friends and everyone celebrating Navroze a very prosperous New Year and a happy Khordad saal . Some dishes are a must on festive occasions. It is auspicious  to Mora - dal chawal and fried fish, salli Margi, and definitely something sweet to end the indulgent  meal.

Parsi sev

I am making  Parsi sev for you  today. This dish was prepared by my Paternal Grandmother when she would visit during happy occasions. Infact she would get up before we all did and would start preparing. The aroma of ghee and vanilla essence would fill the household. We enjoyed with relish at the breakfast table.
The recipe has simple easily available ingredients however needs skilled technique while cooking the sev.


250 gms brown vermicelli crushed into bits
2 to 3 tbsp ghee
I cup  sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder
1/2 tsp Nutmeg powder
1/4 cup  raisins
1/4 cup charoli
2 and 1/2 cup water

Sagan ni sev


1. In a heavy bottom vessel melt 2 tbsp ghee or oil and fry the chopped mixed dry fruits on low flame. 

2. Remove and keep aside on a paper towel to drain and absorb the oil.

Now add 1 tbsp ghee to the pan and fry the vermicelli till it gets to a darkish brown colour. Roast on slow flame to not let it burn.

4. In another vessel combine water sugar and essence and bring to a boil to make a chasni.

5. Add Nutmeg powder and cardamon powder to the sev. 

6. Now comes the tricky part.

 You need to slowly add a little bit of water to the sev and cook with a lid on till the water dries up.

7. Repeat the process. Add little chasni again to the sev. Then stir with a light hand and cover with the lid.  This will ensure that the sev gets cooked well without sticking together.

8. Complete the steps 2-4 times more till the sugar water is over. You will see the sev swell and get cooked.

9. Now Garnish with the fried charoli and kishmish and enjoy this much relished dish. 

Sagan ni sev

 Parsi Sev is generally served along  with sweet yogurt ( Mitho Dahi) on most festive occasions. The warm sev and the cool yogurt take it to another level of tasty indulgence. Parsis enjoy their Sagan ni sev with a cup of ginger tea too.
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