Saturday 1 June 2019

Easy Aam Ka Panna Recipe

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When you offer someone tea during Summers, they will flatly refuse due to the unbearable heat. However, offer someone a chilled glass of Aam Ka Panna ( Raw mango Sherbat) and they will never miss the deal.
We should make Aam ka Panna.

Aam Ka Panna Recipe

Summers are incomplete without making Aam Ka Panna. Truth be told everybody will love Aam Ka Panna. Making it consistently is currently the custom in the Irani household. So I am sharing a quick and easy recipe with you all today.

 I enjoy the unique tart flavor and the cool alleviating impact it has to my nerves and body. Simply Yummy...I make a large amount and store in glass bottles in the refrigerator. Make a concentrated form. Later add 3 parts of water ice and other ingredients to make delicious Aam ka Panna.

Aam Ka Panna Recipe

Aam ka Panna Recipe


1 kg of raw mangoes.
2 cups sugar/Jaggery
1 tbsp powdered cardamom

Few strands of Saffron/or saffron extract

Serving options

Roasted Jeera powder
Mint leaves, 
A dash of lime
Black Salt to taste 

Aam Ka Panna Recipe


1. Wash the raw mangoes completely with running water. See that all the sticky substance is cleaned wee. Preferable to wash with salt and water. Later pat them dry.

2. Peel the mangoes and put the mangoes in a pressure cooker with just one cup of water.

3. Steam the raw mangoes for 3-4 whistles so that they become they cook completely.

4. Cool this mixture and then scoop out the pulp from the seed.

5. Now add the mixture back on low flame with sugar/jaggery, saffron, and crushed cardamom.

6. Churn this after cool with a hand blender and beat well. Mix it, till it turns into a smooth thick consistency like a syrup or concentrate.

7. This Aam ka Panna can be stored in glass bottles.

While Serving

Mix one part of Aam Ka Panna concentrate and 3 parts of water. Add a dash of rock salt, lime, and jeera powder. Garnish with mint and add crushed ice to enjoy it better.


1. It quenches thirst and averts the unnecessary loss of salt and iron amid summer because of excessive perspiring.

2. Aam Ka Panna is viewed as gainful in the treatment of gastrointestinal issue.

3. It has an adequate quantity of Vitamin C.

4. It flushes out toxins and contaminations from the blood.

I can continue forever, yet I am certain you need to make the Aam ka Panna Recipe yourself.  So do try out this easy recipe and enjoy this Magical Summer coolant.

In this Aam ka Panba recipe you can substitute sugar with a sugar free sweetener however I will not know how you will enjoy the taste.  平平平平平平平平平


  1. The aam panda is a great and useful beverage for summers. Thanks for the recipe

  2. Love mangos must tell definitely will try out..

  3. Aam panna is one of the useful drink in Summners. Aam Panna is a very refreshing drink. And there's nothing better than Aam Panna to refresh our body. Thanks for the recipe

  4. I use to roast raw mango and then take out pulp. I will try through your way.

  5. Yummy & healthy.
    One of my best summer drink to stay hydrated.

  6. Perfect drink for summer, super easy and yummm look

  7. Wonderful recipe.Your post has only further increased my interest in Aam ka Panna ☺️

  8. This is one of the best drinks for summer. I'll definitely try out your recipe

  9. I love aam panna. It is the best thing about summers. Your recipe is easy and nice


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