Tuesday 25 August 2020

Qualities that make a scrumptious pizza

 Are you a Pizza Lover?
If the answer is in the affirmative and you start craving for pizza, I am sure you are a pizza lover. But do you know how to recognize a really good quality authentic pizza. A perfect pizza is a wholesome combination of a good base, sauce and toppings, it not only has to be placed well but also executed to perfection.



Qualities that make a scrumptious pizza

What are the Qualities that make a scrumptious pizza

1. A well done Crispy Crust

The general rule about authentic pizza  says that the crust should be crispy on the outside. The dough should be baked through and not raw, moreover not have a yeasty flavor. That is why people prefer the thin crust pizza that is crispy, well cooked yet melts in the mouth.  


2. A Delicious Sauce

A Pizza sauce is blended with ripe juicy tomatoes, and seasoned with garlic, basil, and salt. This has to added to the pizza base in the right proportion, not too much and not too less. You should be able to experience the wonderful robust flavor in each bite along with it’s over components. It helps in creating that wonderfully robust yet never overwhelming flavor. If added in access the pizza gets soggy and cannot be enjoyed with the over powering saucy flavor. 


3. Good amount of Cheese

You just know it in every bite. The pizza has to have a good amount of cheese, yes please.  And just how can you decide that your pizza is well made and with real good quality cheese. The chhese should melt well and stick to the base of the cheese. It can be stringy but not dry. A great pizza has a chewsy and tangy taste that is equal. 



4. Evenly placed Toppings

A good quality pizza slice displays evenly distributed toppings. If you have ordered a vegetarian pizza, the pizza should contain and clearly depict the toppings. If a Paneer Pizza has just vegetables and one or two pieces of paneer then you can tell that pizza is not the best. 

5. Cooking it through

  It really doesn't matter if the pizza is cooked in an electric or wooden oven or if its prepared in a pan. For best results the pizza should be cooked on high temperature yet placing the pizza on the middle shelf so that the pizza cooks even in the middle without leaving it under cooked. 

Here are the reasons why people around the world love eating pizza. It is all these factors that make a good pizza that can be enjoyed with your senses.  I am guessing, it’s a combination of how the pizza smells, looks, and tastes. But the taste definitely matter the most.



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