Friday 7 August 2020

Easy Silky Eggless Mango Pudding


For Silky Mango Pudding

Stirred up a simple silky mango pudding before the mango season gets over. Only a few varieties of mangoes are available in the month of August.  And I had to make do with the green variety called Chausa  is Hindi. It's a dark green color skinned mango but very sweet and pulpy.

silky Mango pudding

This was a  really smooth and soft mango pudding and is vegetarian with no eggs used. I used gelatin as a setting agent in the pudding. The original recipe uses gelatin. You can use agar  agar as an option too.

Note the ingredients for the silky Mango Pudding.


2 cups mango puree
Half cup milk
2 tbsp sugar
Half cup fresh cream
1 sachet gelatin crystals

For Garnish
Few mango pieces
Mint leaves 



1. First wash the mangoes,  peel the two mangoes. Roughly chop them into pieces. Then add it to a mixer or blender jar. And blend to a fine pulp.

2. Dissolve one teaspoon of gelatin (or one sachet) to half a cup of milk. Make sure the milk is not cold.

3. Now take a pan and add the mango puree. Set the temperature on a low flame and keep stirring.

4. Then add 2 tablespoons sugar. Sugar can be added less or more depending on the sweetness of mangoes. Since the mangoes I used were very sweet, I added only 2 tablespoons of refined sugar.

5. Also add the cream and stir till it's all mixed well together

6. Add the milk and gelatin mixture and stir for 5 minutes till the mango puree thickens ( white sauce consistency)

7. Turn off the fire and let it sit for 5 minutes 

8. Grease the pudding bowls with some cooking oil.  Pour it into the dessert bowls and place it in the refrigerator to set for 4 - 5 hours.

9. When the pudding is set you can unmold it onto a dish. Garnish it with mango cubes, few cashew nuts and mint leaves.

10. Now it's time to enjoy your chilled silky mango pudding. 




You can use agar agar as a thickening agent instead of gelatin.

Or try it with another fruit if you wish.

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