Thursday 31 May 2018

South Indian Style Prawn pulav

Hello foodie friends,
The heat is still on and I am still in no mood to toil in the kitchen over the stove making elaborate dishes. I know  that in the recent  past I have shared with you all, a recipe of Prawn Biryani. But the steps involve par boiling the rice and making it in two parts. Today I tried out a prawn pulav that went quicker and yet was equally delicious.

What I used were a few basic south indian spices and some sambhar masala. You can use Garam Masala too.


1 cup rice
1 cup prawns ( shelled & deviened )
1 tsp mustard seeds
Handful of curry leaves
2 big tomatoes (pureed)
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp sambhar masala
1 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 potato - cubed
1 tbsp oil

For Garnish
Fried onions
Coriander leaves.


1. Take a heavy bottom pan, preferably a pressure cooker. Add oil and make it hot.

2.  Add mustard seeds and curry leaves and sauté for a minute.

3. Now add ginger garlic paste and pureed tomatoes to the oil.

4. Sauté till tomatoes are cooked, now add all the dry spices and potatoes.

5.Add prawns and keep stirring for two minutes.

6. Add the washed rice and salt, mix well.

7. Now pour in 2 cups water and cover to cook till prawns and rice are completely done.

8. Garnish with fried onions and coriander leaves.

9. Serve piping hot.


You can add coconut milk to the preparation along with the prawns for a more authentic taste.

Or even try this recipe with boneless chicken.

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