Monday 11 June 2018

Iftaari Snack - Chicken Bread Pizza

Hello Friends.

So it's the month of Ramadan and during this month, Muslims traditionally fast daily from sunrise until sunset. After that they break their fast. The meal is known as iftar, is the most important part of the day. They break their fast with some khajoor and water, later savour home made delicacies and falooda to cool down.

Every year, I prepare some Iftaar treats for my neighbours and friends. This time I tried to make a chicken pizza with bread. But even the pizza sauce was made at home. The steps look elaborate but its not the case.

For the Pizza Sauce

1⁄2cup chopped onion
2 tbsp  minced garlic
2 tbsp oil
1cup chopped fresh tomato
2 tbsp tomato ketchup
2 tbsp oregano
Salt to taste
Pinch of sugar


1.Take a pan, add oil and  saute onion and garlic  until tender.
2.Stir in remaining ingredients.
3.Let it cook on slow fire for 30 minutes.

                  For making the pizza


6 slices of white bread

1 cup boiled and shredded chicken 
1 cup pizza sauce
3 cheese cubes ( you can use cheese slice for each pizza too)
1 finely chopped capsicum
50 gms butter

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  1. Preheat oven at 250degrees/ you can use a deep bottom fry pan with a lid too to make this bread pizza.
  2.  Butter each slice of bread.
  3.  Now spread the pizza tomato paste ( recipe is given above)
  4. Add the topping of capsicum and shredded chicken
  5. Sprinkle a handful of cheese on each slice to cover the entire slice.
  6. Now transfer  the slices in the oven  and bake for 10-15 minutes till cheese melts. Or place in a lightly buttered pan and cover with lid. Cook this on low flame till cheese melts.
  7. Cut into small squares or strips so that it can be easily picked up and eaten in one bite.
  8. I  served it along with other items prepared. I had make chicken cutlets, mango custard and rose milk. 

Happy Feasting now 

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