Thursday 19 November 2020

Haldi Doodh or Turmeric Milk Latte Recipe

Haldi Doodh or Turmeric Milk Latte Recipe

A drink that calms me down after a hectic schedule is Haldi doodh or Turmeric milk latte (as it's called nowadays). For one it makes me feel warm, fuzzy, and induces deep sleep. 


Haldi Doodh or Turmeric Milk Latte Recipe


Golden milk or Haldi Doodh as they call it, is a traditional Ayurvedic drink made with turmeric root (or ground turmeric), milk, black pepper, and s few other ingredients.  It is totally sweetened with sugar or jaggery but for best medicinal benefits the use of honey is important.  

Here are some of the most basic terms used for Golden Turmeric Milk:

Haldi Doodh: Originated from India, this is the original name for Gold milk.

Turmeric Milk Latte: This is made with warm milk and turmeric. And often preferred to regular  caffeinated lattes.  Some folks also refer to this drink as golden milk latte, golden latte, golden turmeric latte, or turmeric latte.

Haldi Doodh or Turmeric Milk Latte Recipe

Turmeric Milk Benefits

Turmeric milk has numerous benefits for our health. 

It can relieve a sore throat, cold and cough.

 It relaxes our body and soothes aching muscles. 

It is also proven to prevent cancer.

It induces sleep when had at bedtime. 

It gives body warmth and drives away winter chills. 

Now here is an easy recipe to try out. The ingredients will be found easily  in your kitchen. Do try out this recipe. I used Gokul Whole Fat Milk for this recipe


Milk - 2 cups 

1 tsp fresh Turmeric 

5 to 6 Peppercorns

2 cinnamon sticks

1 piece of ginger 

2 tbsp Honey 


1. Put two cups of milk in a pan.

2. Grate some turmeric and add it to the milk. If fresh turmeric is not available you can add turmeric powder (haldi).

3. Now add some ground pepper and cardamom powder to it.

4. Lastly add the honey to the sweetness.

5. Combine all the ingredients on low heat and simmer for 5 minutes .

6. Strain the Turmeric milk and serve it warm.

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