Monday 2 November 2020

Healthy Fruity Muesli Dessert Shots

 Healthy Fruity Muesli Dessert Shots


Nothing beats the fact that you can indulge to satisfy your sweet tooth yet get low on calorie intake. And in this context I end up  enjoying my  experimentation  in the kitchen with healthy wholesome ingredients. When Yogabar sent me their new range of healthy breakfast Muesli and Almond Nut butters this is what I created. You can check out the range on their website here.
This layered healthy Muesli fruity shots is a fun yet low calorie dessert with hung curd. I used the Yogabar fruit, nuts and seeds with whole wheat muesli in the recipe. This Muesli is an indulgent mix of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Added fresh fruit and Yogabar Dark Chocolate Almond Butter .  Added beetroot to hung curd that added a colorful nutritious twist to the entire recipe.  With different layers of yogurt, fruits and muesli, it looked so vibrant and beautiful.

This recipe makes 5 tasty little slimming friendly dessert shots. I used cutting chai glasses here; you can use whatever you have in your kitchen.

So without further ado lets get straight into the recipe.


½ kg curd
½ cup cream cheese (optional)
Juice of half beetroot
2 tsp honey
1 finely chopped apple
1 cup pomegranate pearls
1 cup of YogaBar Muesli
2 tbsp YogaBar Nut butter
4 Digestive Biscuits


1.   Place the curd in a cotton cloth and hang it up over the kitchen sink so that the whey drains out. It will need 2 -3 hours

2.   In a mixing bowl add the hung curd, cream cheese,  beetroot juice and honey and stir well till creamy. Keep aside to use when you start layering.

3.    Break the digestive biscuits into pieces and grind them to a powder, using a mixer. Keep aside.

4.   Take the Cutting chai glasses, make the first layer of powdered digestive biscuits.

5.   Add some chopped apples and pomegranate.

6.   Now add a layer of hung yogurt and cream mixture.

7.   Add a layer of Yogabar Muesli followed by a layer of hung curd.

8.   Add another layer of Muesli and finish the top with dark chocolate Nut butter.

9.   Garnish with pomegranate and some other sprinkles.

10.   Fill up all the 5 glasses in a similar manner.

11.   Serve immediately or after chilling in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. However the chilled version tastes much better.


1. You can play around with the recipe to add fruit of your choice

2. No real consistency in quantity, you can make thinner layers of yogurt of fruit.

I hope you will check  this my recipe and try it. And don’t forget to tell me if you liked it!


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