Saturday 14 April 2018

Doodhi ka Halwa

Hello Friends,

How many of you crave for something sweet to eat after each meal? We all do. The same goes with me. Even if it a few raisins or some sugar free chocolate.

I rarely make desserts. Infact this year I didn't make Gaajar ka Halwa during the season of red carrots. Feeling guilty and craving a halwa I decided to make Doodhi ka Halwa.  My first dessert recipe for this blog. I have such beautiful childhood memories of this Indian sweet. As a child, Mom would take my sister and me to Brijwasi Sweets on Grant Road after school. She would order lassi and doodhi halwa which we would gobble it up with such relish. Enjoyed it hot, infact before I could finish my share the waiter would bring the bill to the table.

Mummy knew we hated doodhi as a vegetable but halwa we could never refuse.
Doodhi or lauki or bottle gourd as known to all is very nutritious as it contains all the goodness needed for the body. So without further ado lets make Doodhi ka Halwa for good times sake.


  1. Grated Bottle gourd - 2 cup.
  2. 2 tsp powdered Cardamom ( elaichi) 
  3. Sugar 1 cup.
  4.  1/2 litre milk 
  5.  2 tbsp Ghee
  6.  Handful of raisins and nuts. 
  7.  Sada mawa 1 cup.


1. Peel and grate bottle gourd.

2. In a deep bottom vessel ( I use non stick from Vinod Cookware)  add ghee and bottle gourd, saute for two minute.

3. Then add the milk, sugar and cook for around 10 minutes, keep stirring occasionally so that it doesn't burn at the bottom. 

4. Add green food colour if desired. But I have not added to this recipe.

5. Add grated mawa as we do not want it lumpy. Keep stirring with a heavy hand. 

6.Cook further it till it dries up and ghee leaves side of pan. 

7. Fry some chopped almonds and raisins and mix in.

8. Before serving add chandi ka vaar ( optional) and some nuts. 

Doodhi ka halwa

Wow. It was ready to be relished. Wish my mom was here with me. Would have given her an extra dollop of fresh malai in her bowl of doodhi ka Halwa.  

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